Health & Wellness

Turnkey Solutions for a Quality Finished Product

We are 2 Go Enterprises, a company that offers comprehensive turnkey solutions geared towards creating a finished product of the highest quality. We can do it all for you, including formulations, acquisition of raw materials, product development, and full-service contract manufacturing. We will also help with packaging designs and printing for the optimization of e-commerce and retail displays.

A Diverse Selection of Packaging Types

Your product’s packaging is important because it is usually the first thing that a potential customer sees. It needs to be sturdy enough to securely house your item and appealing enough to attract buyers. We offer several packaging types that are capable of meeting both of those needs.

Stick Packs Powder or Liquid

Our stick packs are small, single-serving packages. We also have special shapes available; just ask us about them. Stick packs are typically used for travel products, powdered and granulated products, sample or single-serving products, as well as single-dose pharmaceutical products. Portable packaging is becoming more popular each day. We can help you take advantage of this growing demand.


Sachets Powder or Liquid

Sachet and plastic pouch packages are ideal for retail displays. Based on your particular needs, we can design these to be hung on pegs or to stand on their own. This type of packaging solution is one of the safest ways to house powder mixes, mineral solutions, herbal remedies, and nutritional supplements.

Our sachet and plastic pouch packages are flexible, lightweight, and easy to store. They also come with grip seal closures that allow for repeated use. Labels are effortlessly applied and can be customized into different sizes, types, formats, and colors to suit your requirements.

Pill Packs in Cello, Foil or Blister

Pill packs are ideal for single or controlled doses of a health and wellness product. It is commonly used for supplements and other pharmaceutical items. The primary component of this packaging is a pocket or cavity made from thermoformed plastic. We have a limitless capacity to deliver your products in pill packs made with foil or clear cellophane based on the kind of item you need to be packaged and filled.


Zipper Bags, Pill Packs, Jars and Various Containers

It is standard for health and wellness products to be packaged in jar or zipper containers. We employ volumetric filling processes that ensure volume consistency and high quality filling each and every time. This involves the use of state-of-the-art Auger Fillers that are compatible with all dry-mix applications. Our packaging solutions cover a wide range of capacities, from two ounces to several pounds.


Do you have Minimums?

Yes, we require 5,000 MOQ per SKU. In some situations we can offer less, just ask in your initial inquiry. We are here to help.

Where are you located?

2 Go Enterprises has several locations throughout the West and Southern California.

Do you handle SAMPLING/PROTOTYPING as well?

Yes. Keep us in mind for Tradeshows, Marketing Events, Shows and other event for your sampling handouts or Prototyping needs for small runs. We can offer Digital Displays, boxes, labels, etc etc.